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We have created the Ultimate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program for those New to the Art of Jiu-Jitsu & Pure Beginners !

The majority of BJJ schools just throw beginner students to the wolves right out of the gates, following a sink or swim approach that weeds out those not “tough enough” to stick around. When its all said and done your orientation to Jiu Jitsu equals fighting for your life vs more advanced students until you develop enough skill to start dominating those below you.

Fortunately for you,  Our Burlington BJJ academy has the solution and it’s one of the reasons our students are so happy with our program.

We offer an amazing Foundations Curriculum for in White Belt Basics program. These sessions are taught in a friendly, social, and laid-back atmosphere that is 100% geared to teaching our new students the key foundations from ach element of the art.

Running on a rotating curriculum we assume you have no prior experience so even a total beginner can jump into the classes and get started towards results at any time.


Attention: Though most people know our academy as a result of the award winning competition results, it’s really important to note 90% of our students don’t actively compete yet still enjoy the life changing benefits of our cutting edge BJJ program. Make new friends, build solid self defense skills and getting the best shape of your life in Burlington’s premier martial arts academy 


The art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is based on techniques designed to help people of any size defend themselves against larger more athletic opponents. focused on leverage, positioning and technique over power It’s also a terrific way to build a strong and healthy body + enjoy the well known health benefits of martial arts.

Made famous by the Gracie family’s early domination in the UFC and other mixed martial arts events, it has now also become the world’s fastest growing martial art with participants all of all ages hitting the mats in pursuit of BJJ mastery.

Lead by Professor Daniel Hale  (Black belt under legendary world champion Rueben Cobrinha Charles) our Burlington Martial arts academy hold the distinction of also being the main hub of the provinces fastest growing BJJ association.

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Our Head-start program comes with absolutely no obligations and we won’t use sleazy high-pressure sales tactics to try to convince you to join because our Burlington BJJ Academy is truly the best choice for anyone interested in the art of jiujitsu.

The intro program at our Academix BJJ Academy is a risk free chance to see what all the buzz is about, Why we are #1 choice for the study of  Jiu-Jitsu in Burlington area and most importantly you’ll experience the technique based training you wont find anywhere else in the local area.

Your free intro classes cover the key basics that make Jiu-jitsu the martial arts system favored by everyone from performance athletes to individuals who demand the best in Self defense training.

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