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Kids Martial Arts Program

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Discover Our System to Transforming Children Into Champions!

The Academix Martial Arts Way

  • Builds Discipline, Confidence & Respect

    Our goal is to teach our kids martial arts and share the benefits of learning discipline, confidence & respect. These are essential skills in life that will help build your child's future!

  • Helps Children With HIGH ENERGY

    Does your son or daughter have too much energy? Let us help you channel it! Many parents whose children exhibit attention deficit (ADD), hyperactivity (ADHD) or excess energy at home and school have approached us for help. We have proven time and again that martial arts is one of the best ways to channel all that excess energy.

  • Self Defense

    Martial arts is a widely proven form of protecting children from one of our biggest problems today: Bullying! Lets equip your child, starting today, by teaching them technical skills, deescalating tactics and confidence!

  • Bully Prevention

    Let's equip your child! We know that bullying is going to occur, so let's make sure that your child is not the victim. With teaching them proper technique and building their confidence, we can put an end to Bullying.

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Hi! My name is Daniel Hale, Head Instructor at Academix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I would like to thank you for visiting our website. Right now we are on a mission to help children of all ages in the GTA. I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and I know the benefits it has brought to my life starting at a very young age!

I am passionate about coaching and helping children; I have two of my own and I have coached many young kids into positive, confident martial artists. From recreational to competition CHAMPIONS! We have parents from all around the GTA rushing to Burlington to train with us at Academix and we are excited for you to be the next!

That's why I am offering you our 14 Day FREE Trial! You can come in and see for yourself why we have so many success stories with children. Plus, I want to give your child a free tour and free private lesson. This gives them a chance to get on the mats, learn 1-on-1 with an instructor and be confident before they go into their first class. You literally have nothing to lose!

I look forward to personally meeting you and seeing your child transform through our program!

So, don't hesitate! Be the next young confident, respectful and disciplined martial artist! Just click the link and put your information in the box so we can help YOUR child today!



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